Peneloppe Green NEW YORK TIMES :”… It is so lifelike, so convincingly three dimensional, you have to touch it to adjust your eyes … startling forgeries…” Half page article in NEW YORK TIMES

Nov 2015 Interview TV5 Monde “Rendez vous d’Ameriques”  Special COP21 SEE HERE

July 2015  Cover (and page 7) of the Westchester Guardian News Paper

July 2015 FIOS NEWS 1 TV interview

June 2015 Article in THE NEWS ON THE SOUND newspaper 

March 2014 The Billboards Hacker Public Art Project is in Complex Magazine. Visit to see the article

First press article talking about “Billboards Hacker” (Patrick Bancel nickname for The Billboards Hacker Public Art Project) in WESCHESTER HOME Magazine .

Aldon James, President of NEW YORK NATIONAL ARTS CLUB”The National Arts Club values Mr Bancel as a master in Trompe l’oeil techniques… unique artist…”

Renee Phillips, MANHATTAN ARTS INTERNATIONALand member of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ART CRITICS : “Patrick’s paintings are highly proficient and awe-inspiring, reflecting his serious studies of the Masters. His sky paintings are serene, expansive, and meditative. His trompe l’oeil paintings are modern, narrative and provocative.”

Claude HELGUERS Art critic “Patrick BANCEL is both young, vivacious, sensitive and reserved. He has penetrating eyes. He glides with ease from profound observation to amusing perusal. He can be carefree or solemn. A determined worker, he knows where he is going. An extreme kindness guides his step. He divines the beauty, has premonitions about it, makes it born, amplifies it. He is a magician. He hears much more than words. He has the skillful brush, a feather, to say things with humour, tenderness, sometimes seriousness. His thoughts are always expressed with subtlety, delicacy and elegance. He is a samurai of expression , a calligrapher of ideas.”

Eric Feil, “Friendly faux”, NEW YORK SPACE MAGAZINE” Trompe l’oeil artist Patrick BANCEL’s real aim is not to fool but to please…”

Marie de Tournemire, International Edition of FIGARO  FRANCE-AMERIQUE:”Amazing result. Impossible for non well-informed eyes to see if it’s real or not”