“The beauty of the world I have been seeing gives me the chance to observe the light in many ways. The practice of martial arts and meditation make me share some wisdom with yoga, kung fu and tai-chi masters. Exceptional grace moments and perceptiveness convinced me to work on light.Whatever are the subjects in my collections, I make them come true or unreal. Using the beauty as a medium I play with spectator eyes and mind to make him react on what is real or not, sharing what life taught me, giving me messages when,where and how I attempted the least. I like now the idea of using my body of work about skies painting, photos, videos and billboard to wake up some mind about everyday life and Global Warming concern. This Billboards Collection focuses on revealing the shocking contradictory times we live in as it relates to climate change. I plan to make this billboards project happen on real billboard in New York City. The idea is to make this capital of Billboard advertising, the one city to follow on going green and public art. ”